• 28 Days Of Origami, day 23: DINOSAURS RAAAAAR! There are so many variations once you have a bird base done. Crane, frog, dinosaur…all from the same foundation.

  • 28 Days Of Origami, day 22: We tried to tackle an “easy” origami dragon, but that got really frustrating, really fast.

    So here’s a pigeon instead.

  • 28 Days Of Origami, day 21: Due to a whole bunch of stuff happening yesterday, we weren’t able to fold. So we’re doing two models today—our last frog, and something new (and as of yet undecided) this evening.

    Life happens. Aim high, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss.

  • 📚 Finished reading Happy Money: The Science Of Happier Spending by Dunn and Norton. They put forward five principles for your spending that maximize happiness.

    Spoiler alert: mindless consumerism isn’t on the list

  • Spent a little time this afternoon riffing on a new personal landing page in Glitch. It still needs a lot of work. Here’s where we’re at today: angelo.glitch.me

    (Yes, all my other sites also need a tonne of work. Apps too.)

  • Today is a forced day off, due to some work being done in and around my home office. I’m going to try to make the most of it, but I can’t help but feel a little bit guilty.

  • 🔗 You Got This! Zine — A free, 20-page zine about making web apps with Node.js: glitch.com/you-got-t… 🎏

  • 28 Days Of Origami, day 20: We’re almost 75% of the way through the month and, to be honest, we’re not sure we could go back and fold a crane or butterfly without peeking at the instructions.

    But that’s okay! This is about doing new things, not rote memorization.

  • We (finally) put our Christmas decorations back into storage this weekend. I’m still finding sparkles stuck to various parts of my face.

    …or maybe it’s the same sparkle, and it’s moving, just to mess with me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • 28 Days Of Origami, day 19: getting better at this, but it still feels like you’re working with construction paper towards the end. We’ve nearly got the folds memorized, though!

  • 28 Days Of Origami, day 18: We ended up using the rolling pin after all, which probably flattened the creases too much — the frogs don’t really jump as far as others we’ve made.

  • 28 Days Of Origami, day 17: We’re strongly considering the use of a rolling pin to get these folds crisper. Ugh.

  • “Attention is a valuable asset, acquired with extreme difficulty, one that costs dearly to regain when lost.”

    🔗 Purge Undeserving Notifications: www.amitgawande.com/journal/p…

  • I’ve always been pretty methodical, and the type of person who is at their best when stuff is planned out. I’ve been getting through @shawnblanc’s All The Things material, and I’m digging the idea of “productivity journaling”—and any excuse to buy a new notebook is never bad. 📓

  • 28 Days Of Origami, day 16: There’s a lot of “behind the folds” stuff going on in this frog that doesn’t come across in the instructions we use. That can make things kind of frustrating, because you’re not sure if you’re doing it right.

  • 28 Days Of Origami, day 15: Today, we’re starting to work on a basic origami jumping frog. Towards the end, the folded paper gets pretty thick; it’s better to just be okay with some sloppiness, rather than trying to fight the paper at each fold.

  • Psst! Wanna learn how to make a website? We made this for you: glitch.com/website-s… 🎏

  • We’re marking the date on each origami model we do with a Pilot Super Color Silver pen, which is very prone to leaking silver ink all over the place. Any recommendations for something better?

  • 28 Days Of Origami, day 14: We’re halfway there! But really, I think we’re going to keep doing this once the month is done — maybe not as a daily thing, but regularly nonetheless.

  • ”When we overestimate our competence, we tend to be more productive, more resilient, better at planning, and more effective at problem-solving.”

    🔗 Confabulation: why telling ourselves stories makes us feel ok

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