• If I’m a bit under the weather, I think I’m less likely to take a sick day now that I’m working from home. I think it’s due to two factors:

    1. I won’t be exhausted by the commute
    2. I can’t infect my colleagues

    That said, I still take the day off if needed! Take care of yourselves.

  • Weirdly, not 72 hours after we got back I got flattened by some virus. It’s been a crashed-out-on-the-couch kind of weekend.

  • We visited Portland, ME and just fell in love with the place. Lovely folks, laid-back pace, amazing food — looking forward to going back!

  • My most wished-for feature for iOS 13 is context-aware FaceTime:

    “It looks like you’re about to take a FaceTime call without a headset in a public venue. Are you sure you want to annoy everyone around you?”

  • Finally got around to watching the WWDC keynote, because I’m really on top of current events like that. What’s this “iPad” thing they were talking about?

  • Confession: I have not yet seen Avengers: End Game. My old bones physically can’t sit in the same seat for three hours without a break.

    And that means I have to wait until at least the end of the month to watch Spiderman: Far From Home.

    As the kids say: “💩”

  • Anyone have a ELI5 link on how to use Komondor with SPM? Trying to get to the point of setting up SwiftLint, Danger Swift, etc in a new iOS 13 project per this article on Artsy’s blog, but feeling pretty lost: artsy.github.io/blog/2019…

  • No, YOU walked all the way to the gym just to find out it’s closed for Canada Day.

    (I mean, at least walking the 4.5km is some kind of exercise)

  • In case you need it, I made you a little place to detox your thoughts: thought-detox.glitch.me

    (Source code here: glitch.com/edit/)

  • Some great thoughts from @hillelogram about sleep and stress levels having a far greater effect on code quality than languages or methodologies: twitter.com/hillelogr…

  • Oh right, race weekend. It’s about 10km from my place to the track as the crow flies, and I can still hear the engines.

  • Assertion: vacuuming is the worst chore

  • 🔗 Polar Explorer Erling Kagge on Why Walking is the Key to Being More Productive - GQ

    “The secret to walking to the South Pole is to put one foot in front of the other, and to do this enough times,” writes Erling Kagge in his 2017 book Silence.

  • So am I the only one that was getting frustrated going through Apple’s “Landmarks” tutorial on SwiftUI because they couldn’t find the canvas, only to discover you need to be on the Catalina beta for that feature in Xcode 11?

  • As we’re now one week away from WWDC and its adjacent conferences, what’s the top conference self-care tip you’d want to share with your community?

  • I just realized that iTunes will generate HTML for embedding into a web page from its “Share > Copy Embed Code” option. Super easy to then dump it into a @glitch app for sharing, like this: https://glitch.com/~sixth-match

  • On today’s morning walk, I saw:

    • a sleeping duck
    • a sneaky cardinal
    • a floppy-eared Basset hound

    Also a chickadee gave me a bit of a talking-to (sorry for upsetting you, chickadee), and a fluffy doggo gave me a big goofy smile.

    So, I think it’s gonna be a good day.

  • It’s a gloomy day outside and all I want to do is go back to bed, so I’m re-listening to this episode to remind me how to do work

    Make Before Break 9: How Angelo Works

  • In episode 6 of Make Before Break, Frank and I discuss the struggle in balancing full-time work and side projects. How can we keep our side projects from falling by the wayside or from taking our time and energy away from other important parts of our lives?

  • Daily routine:

    1. Note that macOS notifications are coming up disabled
    2. Launch Activity Monitor
    3. Force-quit the Notification Center process


  • I’m very intrigued by the process by which a potted plant of basil goes bad within 45 minutes of leaving the supermarket.

  • Glitch is looking for another solutions engineer to join the team — if you have any questions about the role, I’m happy to chat. 🙂

  • Episode 4 of Make Before Break is out!

    Fashionably late annual retrospectives. I learned a lot about what Jocelyn K. Glei calls “tender discipline” — that a healthy productivity system is less about curating to-do lists, and more about self-care.

  • Episode 3 of Make Before Break is out, and we talk about working preferences, communication, the toxicity of cynicism, and gratitude as a company value.

    Also, yyyy-MM-dd is the one date format to rule them all.

  • Marie Chatfield wrote an excellent post comparing and contrasting various types of web architectures (single-page, server-side, static): mariechatfield.com/blog/web-…

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