• I mean, I’m not especially smart, but I can grok how to do stuff in most languages pretty quickly, thanks to experience.

    Layout in pure CSS, on the other hand? My mind has a tough time reasoning out the if/then paradigms that make it work correctly.

  • Spent equal amounts of time this morning getting:

    1. all the partials and functionality sorted out for my first Hugo theme, and
    2. getting two divs to align side-by-side.
  • Went to the supermarket and everyone seemed to be crowded around the ice cream freezers.

    “These are my people,” I remarked to myself. 🍦

  • “A ‘quick-start’ guide for embedding accessibility and inclusive design practices into your team’s workflow”

    🔗 Accessibility for Teams

    (Via @kitt)

  • I’ve been a bit irritable lately, and this weather isn’t helping at all. What I’d give for a light sprinkling of snow, right now.

  • The first day of vacation is the one where you fight valiantly to switch your brain off.

    Note to self: this is usually a losing battle.

  • Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 Enjoy the festivities, but don’t forget to keep hydrated if you’re in an area affected by the heat warnings in effect today. 💧☀️

  • So this is kinda super awesome: we hit 1 million apps on Glitch yesterday. 🎏🎉


  • I can’t be the only one that has more ideas for projects than time in which to build them. What do y’all do to keep yourself on track and, you know, follow through?

  • If you’ve been wanting to learn React (like me!), the latest You Got This! zine covers it. Check it out! 🎏


  • Canada and the US define apparent temperature differently in the summer.

    Today’s forecast high is 28°C/82°F with a humidex (🇨🇦) of 38/100 and a heat index (🇺🇸) of 31/88 — quite a difference.

    Humidex just feels more accurate, but then it’s all I’ve known, so YMMV.

  • “Then I took a deep breath and went off-script…”

    🔗 Next Conference

  • I got to play around with MapKit JS this week. Setting up the JSON Web Token was a bit confusing, but here’s how I added it to Glitch 🎏: glitch.com/~bagel-fi…

  • I started using Slack as a pinned tab in my browser rather than via the desktop app, and I already feel better/more productive.

  • Finally christened our Instant Pot with a weeknight chicken and rice burrito bowl recipe. Despite messing up some of directions, it still turned out quite well!

    (Also, quick-release on a pressure cooker is a little scary the first time you do it.)

  • I haven’t been great about writing lately, at least publicly. I have, however, started doing some journaling, which has so far been interesting.

  • I will begrudgingly admit that NY bagels are pretty good.

  • Nothing like starting the work week with a 9am power outage!

  • Futzing around with some layouts for pushing App Store review content into Manuscript. I had to set this project aside for a bit, because life, and it’s taking me longer than expected to get back up to speed from where I’d left off.

    What’s missing? App store country?

  • Making slow but steady progress on this Hugo theme. While I have to figure out some of the details, I like the idea of using a micropub archetype for microblogging.

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