• Well I’ll be — Xcode (finally) supports multiple cursors! When was this added?

    (Use CTRL + SHIFT + click to insert a new cursor.)

  • Doing my weekly retrospective a little later than usual. I use this time to review how last week went, and how to make next week better, but it’s also about spending an hour checking in with yourself, and making sure you’re okay.

  • Ugh, we ordered one of these last week to replace our early-2011 MBP.


  • A photo from a perfect winter morning.

    Two park benches covered in snow with a backdrop of snow-capped evergreens.

  • We’re a couple of days into December already. If you’re into new-year resolutions, this is a great time for a dry fit of the changes you’re planning on making in 2020.

  • Finally exploring how Drafts can be my text-and-automation Swiss Army knife on iOS.

    • Send a tweet/micro.blog post/iMessage? ✅
    • Add tasks to OmniFocus/Reminders? ✅
    • Create events in Fantastical? ✅
    • Draft blog posts? ✅
  • Every Cybertruck order comes with a garment made of yellow spandex, a metal garbage can lid, and some Christmas lights, to really complete that authentic “fell off the set of The Running Man” look.

  • My S2 Apple Watch is at the point that this is what I see when I launch the timers pop — and neither button does anything. The only way I can start a timer is via Siri or by rebooting the device. 😂

  • So I’ve got angelostavrow.dev — but I’m not yet sure what to do with it. So far everything lives at angelostavrow.com, which is mostly just a blog, but I just registered angelostavrow.blog, so… I think I’ve got some fun projects to work on?

  • Been treating some back pain lately, including an occasional massage.

    Every time I lie down on the table: this is gonna be so chill and relaxing

    Every time I get up from the table: I feel like I’ve been beaten with a sack of potatoes

  • On the plus side, changing back to Standard Time has me waking up long before my alarm goes off for at least a week!

    (Flip side: I’m passed out on the couch at 8:30pm.)

  • 🎙 Episode 15 of Make Before Break is out

  • Is iOS getting worse at detecting the words I’m typing, or are my thumbs just getting stupider?

  • I’ve been building stuff on the web for a while now, and I still think CSS is approximately 26% sorcery

  • First time I’ve ever seen that. Gusts of over 100 km/h were feeing particularly intense earlier today. 😬

  • It’s Hallowe’en, so we went to a matinée showing of Zombieland 2. It’s more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing — I enjoyed the first film.

    (We have a thing for zombie flicks, so your mileage may vary.)

  • Apple Music subscribers, ever find that a track you have in your playlist (but not necessarily in your library) gets replaced by some remix of that track? If so, any idea what happens to cause that?

  • Efficiency is in many ways the antithesis of resiliency and adaptability: Margaret Heffernan’s talk, “The human skills we need in an unpredictable world”

  • That is… not what 33% looks like on a progress bar.

    Image of AirPods case battery charge status indicating 33% but whose progress bar appears nearly empty.

  • In June 2014, Apple announced the discontinuation of development of Aperture.

    From: support.apple.com/aperture

    And yet, in a clean install I did of macOS Mojave, not only is “Add to Aperture” in the Share menu, it’s enabled by default.

  • So, if iOS 13.1 is being released on the 24th along with iPadOS, I think I’ll just wait the five days. This staggered rollout just feels… weird.

  • Got a wah pedal this week.

    Lesson learned: if your two hands aren’t coordinated enough to play guitar, adding a foot to the mix will not improve the situation.

    Still, it’s hella fun 😁

  • I’m no longer accepting email, please send lettermail on fancy stationery


  • “Shortcuts can use web services to extend their capabilities. And the best place to roll your own web service is Glitch!”

    🔗 culture-zine.glitch.me/culture/c…

  • The season for light sweaters and jackets is fast approaching in Montreal. Autumn is very much my favourite season.

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