• In June 2014, Apple announced the discontinuation of development of Aperture.

    From: support.apple.com/aperture

    And yet, in a clean install I did of macOS Mojave, not only is “Add to Aperture” in the Share menu, it’s enabled by default.

  • So, if iOS 13.1 is being released on the 24th along with iPadOS, I think I’ll just wait the five days. This staggered rollout just feels… weird.

  • Got a wah pedal this week.

    Lesson learned: if your two hands aren’t coordinated enough to play guitar, adding a foot to the mix will not improve the situation.

    Still, it’s hella fun 😁

  • I’m no longer accepting email, please send lettermail on fancy stationery


  • “Shortcuts can use web services to extend their capabilities. And the best place to roll your own web service is Glitch!”

    🔗 culture-zine.glitch.me/culture/c…

  • The season for light sweaters and jackets is fast approaching in Montreal. Autumn is very much my favourite season.

  • I’ve been struggling to balance my part-analog, part-digital “hybrid productivity” system, with the big issue being the inability to search my notebooks for things I’ve written.

    GoodNotes on iPad might solve that, as it’s able to OCR my terrible cursive writing. 😲

  • Here, I made you a silly whybot: glitch.com/~five-why…

  • The bottom of my MacBook Pro isn’t lying flat on tables anymore — searches suggest that the battery is failing. 😬

  • A job well done is its own reward.

  • No you’re slowly working through your read-it-later backlog

  • Ever feel like your productivity has less to do with time management or task management, and more to do with negative-feelings management?

    Turns out: www.nytimes.com/2019/03/2…

  • Relatedly: I really freaking love RSS. And feed readers. Lets me read a tonne of great content, easily!

    But man, when all your content looks the same, it’s refreshing to go surf the web like the good ol’ days.

  • 😲❤️🎉

    Save Webpages to Read Later with Feedbin: feedbin.com/blog/2019…

  • If I’m a bit under the weather, I think I’m less likely to take a sick day now that I’m working from home. I think it’s due to two factors:

    1. I won’t be exhausted by the commute
    2. I can’t infect my colleagues

    That said, I still take the day off if needed! Take care of yourselves.

  • Weirdly, not 72 hours after we got back I got flattened by some virus. It’s been a crashed-out-on-the-couch kind of weekend.

  • We visited Portland, ME and just fell in love with the place. Lovely folks, laid-back pace, amazing food — looking forward to going back!

  • My most wished-for feature for iOS 13 is context-aware FaceTime:

    “It looks like you’re about to take a FaceTime call without a headset in a public venue. Are you sure you want to annoy everyone around you?”

  • Finally got around to watching the WWDC keynote, because I’m really on top of current events like that. What’s this “iPad” thing they were talking about?

  • Confession: I have not yet seen Avengers: End Game. My old bones physically can’t sit in the same seat for three hours without a break.

    And that means I have to wait until at least the end of the month to watch Spiderman: Far From Home.

    As the kids say: “💩”

  • Anyone have a ELI5 link on how to use Komondor with SPM? Trying to get to the point of setting up SwiftLint, Danger Swift, etc in a new iOS 13 project per this article on Artsy’s blog, but feeling pretty lost: artsy.github.io/blog/2019…

  • No, YOU walked all the way to the gym just to find out it’s closed for Canada Day.

    (I mean, at least walking the 4.5km is some kind of exercise)

  • In case you need it, I made you a little place to detox your thoughts: thought-detox.glitch.me

    (Source code here: glitch.com/edit/)

  • Some great thoughts from @hillelogram about sleep and stress levels having a far greater effect on code quality than languages or methodologies: twitter.com/hillelogr…

  • Oh right, race weekend. It’s about 10km from my place to the track as the crow flies, and I can still hear the engines.

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