• Okay, here’s an idea you can have for free:

    A new social sharing site, but you get karma for typing up a comment, then deleting what you typed and NOT submitting anything.

  • So, uh… if you’re supposed to be receiving your new iPhone on Friday, have you received a shipping notification yet? 😬

  • Yesterday, v1.0 of the WriteFreely app for iOS launched on the App Store — I wrote a bit about my experience building it in SwiftUI here, as well as what’s next.

  • There’s a practice of taking a piece of paper, writing down your thoughts and feels on it, and burning that sheet when you’re done. What’s it called?

    I’m trying to find some kind of canonical reference to this, but failing to come up with anything definitive.

  • I’m currently watching an episode of Twin Peaks and WOW I’d forgotten how weird this show was

  • Coming soon to a WriteFreely TestFlight beta near you — publish local posts to a collection, and move posts between collections!

    Sign up to test the app here: writefreely.org/apps/ios/…

  • That thing when you can’t type in Xcode anymore so you close and reopen your project, quit and restart Xcode, shutdown and reboot your Mac… and then realize you were trying to make changes to a remote Swift Package.

  • Oh my days, it’s finally live — sign up for the WriteFreely for iOS public beta! 🎉

    More here: write.as/angelo/wr…

  • Been working with SwifUI all summer to build this. It’s getting close! 😬😃🥳

  • Thinking about starting a new blog series called “I Should Know Better: Foods I’ve Burped Into My Mask”

  • Am I doing something wrong, or does didFinishLaunchingNotification simply not fire in #SwiftUI .onReceive() handlers?

    I’m finding that the only way to detect app launch is to add back an AppDelegate, like an animal. That can’t be right?

  • You see, the reason olives are added to martinis is because one mustn’t partake on an empty stomach 🍸

  • Hey nice, Big Sur beta 7 and Xcode 12.2 beta are now available for download!

  • Are these kinds of announcements new?

  • So if you’re tearing your hair out debugging the presentation and dismissal of a sheet in SwiftUI, here’s a quick tip that might save you an hour or three: start by making sure the .sheet(isPresented:) modifier is OUTSIDE any NavigationView.

  • Is anyone using SwiftUI’s TextEditor control in a Mac app? In my multiplatform app, when typing in the TextEditor on iOS, it’s fine. On the Mac, there’s noticeable input lag after a few words that gets ridiculous after a couple of sentences.

  • Oh my days, you can FINALLY filter by brand on Amazon.ca 🤯

    No more searching through eighty-four pages of sponsored garbage after having typed the exact brand and model!

  • Is it just me, or is selecting/closing tabs in Firefox really flaky in Big Sur beta 6?

  • It’s time for an afternoon restorative and my weekly retrospective. I take an hour or so every Sunday to go over how my week went, write a couple of sentences on how my priority projects are progressing, and plan for the next week — pen and notebook, plus an OF checklist.

  • Work continues on the WriteFreely client! It’s an open-source, multi-platform SwiftUI app and I’d love your contributions.

  • My first contribution to @NetNewsWire shipped as part of the 5.1d3 release for the Mac app. Watching the core team work has been a great way to learn and level up, and I’m looking forward to contributing more!

  • I upgraded to Xcode 12β5 this morning, and now my SwiftUI multiplatform app SIGABRTs on launching the macOS app.

    iOS version of the app runs fine (in the Simulator), though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • The power just went out here, literally just before I clicked the download button for the Xcode 12 β5 update. Sure as hell not gonna try that while tethered on LTE. 😬

  • Release the betas 5 you cowards

  • What’s in your iOS 14/macOS 11/Xcode 12 β5 wishlist?

    I’d love to see SwiftUI’s preferredColorScheme fixed to, you know, actually set a preferred colour scheme. 😂

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