• Just messing around with the Slow Shutter and Darkroom apps.

  • Custom monospace fonts

    Pardon the noise; this is only a test.

    I’ve added some custom CSS to get any microblog content in <code> and <pre> tags using my favourite monospace font, Fira Code:

    @import url(https://cdn.rawgit.com/tonsky/FiraCode/1.205/distr/fira_code.css);
    code {
      font-family: 'Fira Code';
    pre {
      font-family: 'Fira Code';
  • Erica Sadun reminds us that, in many cases, moving to 64-bit apps on macOS also means moving to subscription-based pricing models.

  • Some Mondays just can’t be mistaken for anything but.

  • Typo of the day: flailures

    I mean, it sometimes feels that way, doesn’t it?

  • The trouble with fussy coffee-making techniques is that they’re needed when I’m not quite awake, and so I now have a mug of freshly-squeezed hot water.

  • So, I’m liking the hardware, and then I find out that there’s a Logitech Craft SDK.

    I haven’t really dug into it, but it would be pretty cool to use the keyboard’s crown to activate and scrub in Glitch’s Rewind feature. 🤔

  • Learning Java for fun and… learning!

  • On paper, the Logitech Craft hits all the points I’m looking for: Bluetooth/wireless connection to 3 devices, backlit, Mac and Windows keys, solid build. I’m not particularly interested in the dial interface, so long as the key action is satisfying.

  • My Matias wireless keyboard is less than a year old, but is having weird disconnect issues and I’ve somehow worn the lettering off of three keycaps. Bringing home one of these fancy-pants Logitech Craft keyboard as a possible replacement.

  • Did I sleep through the spring, summer and, autumn or something? Is it January again?

  • 📚 Just finished reading Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited_. A classic (and excellent) read, as I plan some updates to various sites and apps of mine.

  • I’ve been using git for years and I still get nervous when I need to do anything beyond pull ➡️ add ➡️ commit ➡️ push — so I’m thrilled about this: Reinventing Version Control with Glitch Rewind – Glitch – Medium 🎏

  • I spent the morning with my tailor in his atelier for some alterations. In no way does it diminish the work of those that create in the digital realm, but there’s just something about manual craft labour.

    What would artisanal software development look like?

  • “Computer was locked (possibly sleeping) while connected to a Lenovo ThinkVision X1 monitor via the supplied Lenovo USB-C cable, wouldn’t wake up when I tried tapping a key on the keyboard this morning.”

    — Angelo Stavrow, Reports I Send To Apple Almost Every Morning

  • Big week for Glitch — I love the teaser calendar on glitch.com (and the embedded featured project is awesomecakes!) 🎏

  • ”… it is far, far better to extend compassion to someone who might take advantage of it than it is to withhold compassion from someone who might need it.”

    🔗 Building Better Software by Building Better Teams - Ash Furrow

  • The promise of notifications is that you don’t have to keep launching an app to check for updates, but that doesn’t stop me from opening Deliveries twenty-five times an hour when I’m waiting for a package.

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