• There’s something wonderfully appealing to me about Jeffery Diduch’s explorations of the sartorial; this first post on a vintage golf suit is no exception.

    🔗 Going Down the Vintage Rabbit Hole

  • I’m looking forward to rolling up my shirtsleeves and helping make Glitch the fun and safe place to create and learn on the web.

    The Next Chapter

  • I haven’t bought an iPad since the 3rd generation, and while I was really hoping for a new iPad mini, I have to admit that the new 11” iPad Pro is kinda tempting.

  • Nature makes the best carpets.

  • On the Canadian App Store at least, today’s feature story is about Badland having been “made on iPad”. A hint of things to come in the media event on the 30th?

  • Really, if you need to deal with repos and version control and such on your iOS device, do yourself a favour and buy the amazing Working Copy app.

  • Am I totally not finding the button, or is there no way to create a new repo on GitHub from my iPhone?

  • Did the whole “write a post out with pen and paper before typing” for the first time this morning, and it was an interesting experience. I’m not yet convinced that it works better for me, but it did force me to pause and think a bit more, rather than just type away and inevitably make minor edits as I go.

  • First CocoaHeads meetup in… gosh, I have no idea how long.

  • Sometimes I just fold and unfold code in Xcode just to watch that little animation in the editor.

  • There’s a minor bug in the Indigo theme’s example site that causes it to not display custom fonts in the theme gallery’s demo site. It works just fine in the theme itself, though!

    This is fixed in v1.0.2, available now.

  • Neat! Indigo, my IndieWeb-enabled theme for Hugo, is now listed in the Hugo themes directory.

    Thoughts and PRs encouraged!

  • Minimalism gone overboard. AF16E879-1EEE-41BD-B430-1F856C9F2D41.jpg

  • This is probably old news, but TIL that the racecar emoji on Apple devices features the Swift logo.

  • You know, I think this JavaScript thing may just stick around.

  • A few folks mentioned RMIT’s Sans Forgetica project, so here’s a Glitch app to create flashcards set in the new typeface: glitch.com/~sans-for…

  • Heard a flock of Canada Geese honking their farewells during my morning walk. They’re one of the key signs of fall (and spring) for me, along with the changing colours of the leaves.

    See also: roasted chestnuts, and the smell of fireplaces.

  • Listening to your own voice is… weird.

  • I’ve (finally) released Indigo, my first from-scratch theme for Hugo: angelostavrow.com/post/intr…

  • Stuff I only recently realized: Bear’s Safari extension on macOS will capture the (text) content of a webpage as a new note. That’s pretty useful for storing reference material.

  • Huh. On an iPhone 6 running iOS 12, tapping the camera button in Messages only launches the camera app—you can’t get to your photo library anymore.

    Anyone filed a radar on this that I can dupe yet?

  • Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion, but I really don’t like using the ternary operator in my code.

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