• Darkroom for iOS has become my favourite app for editing photos — especially its intuitive perspective correction.

  • The sky is currently a colour I haven’t seen in weeks. I think it’s called… blue?

  • ”You are the world expert at that chunk of code, and it’s self-documenting to you as the world expert. But not to anybody else.”

    🔗 Let’s talk about self-documenting code

  • In the development phase, you get to that point where you can’t wait to be done with it, but when it’s time to deploy… yeah, just gimme another couple of minutes to triple-check something?

  • ”The next most important thing to understand about Micro.blog is that the platform was designed, from the beginning, to prevent abuse and harassment.”

    🔗 Jean MacDonald - A Guide to Micro.blog For People Who Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Twitter

  • I’ve started learning how to create my own Hugo custom theme from scratch this evening, and I’m working to incorporate some IndieWeb stuff as discussed here by @amit.

  • “The image will be sent to the Google Vision API, which will guess what it is. The app will then search Spotify using Google’s guess, and give you the first result to play.”

    🔗🎏 Neat project created on Glitch using computer vision and Spotify: record-player.glitch.me

  • I just backed Fireball Island on Kickstarter, because nostalgia.

  • 🔗 A great collection of talks on the human side of development: coffee-talks.glitch.me

  • I really should finish up my taxes, but it’s Friday afternoon and this couch is really comfy, so what are you going to do?

  • Glitch embeds on micro.blog

    I’m curious to see what happens if I try adding a Glitch embed to a micro.blog post. Below, you should see the editor and live app, side-by-side.

    I think this should show up as expected on angelo.micro.blog but I don’t think it’ll work on any micro.blog client apps; I’m curious to see what happens in RSS feeds, too.

  • For a couple of weeks now, my Mondays end with a mentoring session. This kind of perk—where a company supports time set aside to help team members learn from one another—is the kind of perk that matters to me.

    Tell me about your experiences with mentoring, good or bad!

  • Glitch is already pretty awesome, but: if you ever felt that it’d be perfect for your team if it only did X, here’s your opportunity to chime in! glitch.com/forteams

  • Oh, that’s neat. telnet is no longer a part of macOS High Sierra.

    Possibly because it’s a 32-bit app? I dunno.

  • It’s a beautiful spring morning for a first run of the year.

    (Where by “run”, we mean “half-running, half-wheezing”)

  • Just messing around with the Slow Shutter and Darkroom apps.

  • Custom monospace fonts

    Pardon the noise; this is only a test.

    I’ve added some custom CSS to get any microblog content in <code> and <pre> tags using my favourite monospace font, Fira Code:

    @import url(https://cdn.rawgit.com/tonsky/FiraCode/1.205/distr/fira_code.css);
    code {
      font-family: 'Fira Code';
    pre {
      font-family: 'Fira Code';
  • Erica Sadun reminds us that, in many cases, moving to 64-bit apps on macOS also means moving to subscription-based pricing models.

  • Some Mondays just can’t be mistaken for anything but.

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