• Hmm, I’m posting this at 7:42 EDT — I think there might be a time stamp issue happening in micro.blog since the time change?

  • I predict this is going to be at least a three-coffee day.

  • It looks like restarting the machine fixed its random insistence on taking the brightness down to near zero. Maybe an issue with the Bluetooth keyboard at home? I dunno.

  • My Mac is deciding that it’s going to dim the brightness of the built-in display to nearly-off because, well, why not? #courage

  • Made some progress today on a side project, but got pulled away from it while I was still “in deep,” so that’s a little frustrating — and I’m feeling it’s a bit late now to be able to get back into it.

  • Didn’t close my activity rings yesterday for the first time this month. I felt a bit disappointed by it, but it also let these feelings of being okay with skipping the gym this morning creep into my head.

    (I went, though.)

  • I have a task on my to-do list to Renew Sketch license (long since expired after purchasing it from the Mac App Store), but I now think I need to add a pre-requisite task: Figure out Sketch licensing.

  • I kinda like how Script Debugger lists “not a subscription” as a product feature in the pricing table.

  • Oh right, that mid-March reminder that it’s still winter. 🌨

  • Rarely, I have a realization that totally changes my world view.

    But mostly it’s inane crap like, “you can’t spell ‘changelog’ without ‘angelo’.”

  • 📝 App Store reviews in Manuscript — Make Before Break

  • As someone who starts their day around 5am, springing ahead for daylight savings time always leaves me a little discombobulated and a lot tired.

  • Well, that’s a first!

  • Pretzels, tasty beverage, and Super Mario World. It’s like I’m back in junior high again.

  • I’ll be working on a side project totally in the open soon, so that’s… terrifying.

  • ”SayThanks.io provides a handy URL for you to share with your open source projects— it encourages users to send a simple thank you note to you, the creator of that project.”

    🔗 The ‘Say Thanks’ Project: saythanks.io

  • After a tough day at work, I sometimes enjoy just sitting back on the couch and watching these Apple TV screensavers.

  • At least two or three times a week, I try to unlock my late-2016 MacBook Pro (connected to an external monitor via USB-C), only to find that it’s had yet another kernel panic.


  • I didn’t wake up before my alarm clock today. Little victories, right?

  • 📝 Remote Work: Year One — Make Before Break

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