• I’m very intrigued by the process by which a potted plant of basil goes bad within 45 minutes of leaving the supermarket.

  • Glitch is looking for another solutions engineer to join the team — if you have any questions about the role, I’m happy to chat. 🙂

  • Episode 4 of Make Before Break is out!

    Fashionably late annual retrospectives. I learned a lot about what Jocelyn K. Glei calls “tender discipline” — that a healthy productivity system is less about curating to-do lists, and more about self-care.

  • Episode 3 of Make Before Break is out, and we talk about working preferences, communication, the toxicity of cynicism, and gratitude as a company value.

    Also, yyyy-MM-dd is the one date format to rule them all.

  • Marie Chatfield wrote an excellent post comparing and contrasting various types of web architectures (single-page, server-side, static): mariechatfield.com/blog/web-…

  • Episode 2 of Make Before Break is out and less ramble-y than Episode 1 — though IMO we only really hit our stride with Episode 3.

  • So, @frankacy and I launched a podcast. Here’s episode 1, where we talk about friction: www.makebeforebreak.com/s01e01

  • We woke up to 14” of snow on Wednesday. In my neighbourhood, it’s still piled up on the sides of the road, four days later. That feels a bit… long.

  • I added some custom CSS to my microblog so that it better matches my personal site. If you want to play around with it yourself, I’ve shared it as a Glitch project (details in the README): glitch.com/~microblo…

  • Morning realization: I managed to go through the entirety of January without posting here. My personal version of Dry January, I guess?

  • A thing I’d kinda forgotten about: the fingertip soreness on your fretting hand after not having touched a guitar in a looooooooong time.

  • I haven’t touched an instrument in well over a decade. Picked this up today to get back to it, and it feels like… I dunno, like coming home.

  • If the courier has decided that my “business is closed” (I work from home) and rescheduled a delivery, does that mean I can take the day off?

    I feel like I forgot to send myself a memo.

  • 📚 Finished reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits yesterday. Some good insight, to be sure. I would have liked something a bit more actionable, but the stories told provided some good takeaways.

  • We caught Bumblebee the other night and really enjoyed it. If you’re avoiding it because you didn’t like the last few Transformers films, I’d recommend giving it a chance!

  • I’m sad to see Thimble going away, but I’m really glad to know that Glitch has stepped up to provide a home for Thimble users’ apps: medium.com/read-writ…

  • Feeling fantastically, frustratingly scatterbrained today. I did manage to get in a good amount of focused work, but it was a struggle to get there.

  • “Results indicated that students who read on print were superior in their comprehension to screen-reading peers.”

    🔗 Skim reading is the new normal

  • I’ve been up since about 3:30am and have walked about 200m this morning, and yet my Apple Watch still hasn’t registered a single “Stand” hour. 🤷‍♂️

  • 🔗 Making it personal

    Link-stumbling across the web today, I fell upon this great read. Several years old now, but still evergreen.

  • One day is as good as another for kicking off something new, but there’s something about the first day of the week, month, and year that makes it especially motivating.

    I’ve fallen behind on some personal projects in the whirlwind that was November; time to pick them back up!

  • Go, InSight! 🤞

  • I’ve been tracking a low-grade fever in Apple Health, and yet my watch is nonetheless encouraging me to close my Activity rings. Seems like a good opportunity for deeper integration.

  • November in Montreal: Just like that, the city wakes up to find itself under a pristine blanket of snow.

  • Those days where it’s not quite cold enough to snow, so it rains instead… those are days made for hot cocoa and a good book.

    So, naturally, I’m out in the cold and the rain.

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